In Honor of the Royals

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Hudson has been excited to follow the Royals to the World Series. Here’s a video of his newly acquired pitching skills:


It’s a Zoo Around Here… Halloween 2015

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We had a monkey and a ladybug running around here tonight…
Hudson got really into trick or treating this year. He was excited to learn that we could visit any house that had lights on. Stella did well, too, and she willingly put all of her candy into Hudson’s bucket. I doubt next year she’ll be so agreeable 🙂

Quotes from Hudson and Stella; 10/26/2015

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The other night at dinner Hudson turned to me and said, “Momma, I’m getting to be so big now.” Then he raised his shirt up a bit, peaked at his tummy and said, “My belly button’s getting so big!”

In other news, Stella is becoming really good at saying, “No”, “Bye-bye” and “Mine.” She’s also loving reading these days. She’ll pick out a book and then come back into your lap so you can read to her.

Quotes from Hudson; 10/17/2015

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Hudson is full of good quotes these days. Tonight at dinner he was telling us which Royals player we would each be. When he came to me he said that I would be Johnny Cueto. Normally he wants to be Johnny Cueto, so tonight I said, “I’ll be Moose. You be Johnny Cueto.” Hudson said, “No, Momma, you’re the only one who has long hair.”

He also formulated a plan to take a helicopter to the baseball field tomorrow and I would take an airplane and meet him there. Then he and Matt, myself, Stella, Grandma and John would all have tickets and be able to go out onto the field. Except for Stella. All of us can go onto the field, but Stella will have to stay in her seat because she’s too little to be on the field. Because this is happening tomorrow Hudson told us that we needed to go to bed and get good rest tonight.

They keep us laughing a lot!!

MORE Pumpkins 2015

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The kids’ daycare had a pumpkin farm outing on Friday afternoon so we got to go pumpkin hunting for a second time this year. This is good because the squirrels in our yard have completely eaten one of the pumpkins we got at our first pumpkin patch. They’ve started on the other ones, too. I’m irritated that they’re ruining our pumpkins, but glad we’re going to have really healthy, well-fed squirrels this Winter.

Anyways, here is the link to pictures/ videos from our second pumpkin patch this year, Faulkner’s Pumpkin Patch.

Also, the cutest video ever (both kids riding a tire swing together):

Baby Stella

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1 Week

1 Week

1 Month

1 Month

2 Months

2 Months

Pumpkin Hunting 2015

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Stella's Pumpkin

Stella’s Pumpkin

Hudson's So Strong :)

Hudson’s So Strong 🙂

Here’s the link to all of our pumpkin patch pictures: We had a great time picking out our pumpkins this year (and gorgeous weather)!